Abyzz Ent

Abyzz Ent

Abyzz Ent

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: Brampton, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Crg - Captain
  • Dozen - Second in Command
  • Kosto - Producer
  • Cyrus - Producer/Engineer
  • NK Tha Great - Producer
  • Big D - Family

About Band

About  CRG:
Born in Ocho Rio’s Jamaica, Crg moved to Canada at the young age of three. He started his musical career at the age of fourteen by writing hip-hop and R&B songs as well as entering numerous talent shows and freestyle competitions with one goal on his mind perfecting his craft. Crg started Abyzz Ent. at the age of sixteen by himself, but as his talent grew so did the company gaining respect not only in Canada but the United States as well. His experience and dedication earned him the trust of artists on his label. Abyzz Ent. now consists of three rap artist and four producers from Canada and the United States. Abyzz Ent. is one of the independent market’s most talented recording labels. At the age of 18, Crg was hired as a marketing intern for EMI Music Canada and when his intern term was up he was hired full time to handle the copy control discs. If you call EMI Music Canada today you can still hear freestyles from Crg on some of the employee’s answering machines. CRg has produced, written and managed local Canadian talent while maintaining his own musical career. A quote from Anthony Farrauto Promotion Rep for EMI Music Canada sums it up best when he stated “Crg is one of Canada’s next up and coming stars. With his talent, he is bound to be a star in the music industry.”

Crg debut album will be released June 2008. The album is diverse in subject matter and reflects the past experiences that have shaped the young MC. The first single “Stunna Man”, has an up-tempo, high-energy beat and an extremely catchy hook, which gives the song mainstream appeal. Crg’s debut album will display his lyrical skills, versatility, as well as his ability to create hit records.

About Dozen:

Toronto born, GTA’s own, Canada finest. Dozen had an ear for music from an early age. With a mother so in tuned to the church and being a member of the church body, he learned much about music and the many details of it. Background Jamaican, he listened and memorized near to all cassettes and records his father would play. Fast-forward to his junior years he always participated and shocked crowds, teachers and fellow students when performing. During his high school years Dozen took part in many heated and still talked about ciphers and battles. From Brampton to Toronto, battle-to-battle, he proved himself at a young age. Always in the mix and known well throughout his city and the surrounding areas, Dozen kept at the freestyles to build his name to his current platform. Joining with cousin CRG in early 2001, they formed the group Abyzz Ent which consisted of 6 members. With a plethora of punch lines and metaphors, which Dozen was known for he expanded his views and learned to be a true MC. 2007 will be the year for Dozen to show the world his capabilities, with ample hits and crossover material don’t be surprised to hear him along the greats. – written by K-buttah div.fetish object, div.fetish embed

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Website: www.myspace.com/abyzzent

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