Jazz, Rock, Experimental
From: Brampton/Ottawa, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Dan Baier - Guitar, Songwriting
  • Robert Rzepka - Percussion
  • Rebecca Shoalts - Vocals
  • Jon Milner - Bass Guitar
  • Shaun Mallinen - Saxophone(s)
  • Andrew Grey - Vocal Percussion

About Band

At the beginning of their high school careers in 2002, Robert Rzepka and Dan Baier discovered that they had an undeniable musical connection. The two began to work together outside of school, casually congregating to write music and play their favorite band’s tunes, developing what would be later be described as the initial stages of their musical metamorphosis. The boys began to expand upon their repertoire and started to write full length songs, recording them with whatever Mickey Mouse equipment their practically non existent budget could muster. Eventually the two became the three, the four, and finally the five as Brent, Kyle and Spencer joined the duo to create the band Discord. The five piece, headed off by Dan and Rob began to play shows in Brampton and Toronto with venues including the Fun Haus, the Cathedral, the Reverb and even the Opera House. The boy’s music transformed from general rock to a thick sounding combination of metal and experimental rock. They produced high energy shows and rose quite unexpectedly to become fairly well known in the scene. However, due to unforeseen complications the band deteriorated; however, Dan and Rob continued to work together as they felt such an uncanny musical connection would be a shame to put to waste. Over the next two years they continued to write and collaborate with regional arts music students at their high school, Mayfield. They began to produce a wide variety of musical styles with help from saxophone players Anthony Rinaldi and Shaun Mallinen, Guitarist Dave Worsnop, and Sample/Electronic specialist Sean Berwick. Their musical style took in elements from everyone they worked with and the plethora of musical influences that played such a prominent role in their everyday lives. As time progressed and the boys grew musically tighter, Rob decided to pursue his education at the University of Ottawa. Traveling to Ottawa, he uncovered jazz pianist/vocalist Matt Edwards. Matt’s unique vocal style and vast musical knowledge blew Rob and Dan away and they realized that Matt’s talent was a necessity to the completion of their sound. Dan is beginning his studies in Ottawa in September, inorder to pursue future musical endeavors with Matt, Rob and Rebbecca. During the summer of 2007, Abstract The Expressionist has welcomed a few new members. Rebbecca Shoalts, Mayfield regional arts singer has now joined the mix. Adding her jazzy yet fresh sound, along with Matt Edwards, these two vocalists have completed the Abstract Sound. Jon Milner, long time friend and bass player for Don't Go Johnson has joined the band for GTA endeavors. Jon has been playing bass for years, however he is the youngest member of the band at 17 years old. Jon brings a funky, jazz oriented sound to the table. Jon Milner, Rob Rzepka and Shaun Mallinen have previously been involved in a Jazz quartet together. With a vast array of genre’s under their belt, a progressive and innovative attitude and nothing but time on their hands, the six have begun to create a fresh sound that has the potential to one day make a dent in the repetitious nature of modern mainstream music.

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