A Bitter Sacrifice

A Bitter Sacrifice

A Bitter Sacrifice

Metal, Hardcore
From: nashua, NH, United States

Band Members

  • Sean - Vocals
  • Tim - Guitar
  • Zach - Guitar
  • Travis - Drums

About Band

A Bitter Sacrifice began as 'Of The Fallen' with Travis Kulak (drums), his friend Zack O'Keefe (guitar), and Zack's cousin, Sean Ouellette (vocals/guitar). Soon the need for a bassist brought Mike Sullivan into the picture. Not long after, a close friend of Travis', Tim Charpentier, would take over sean's guitar playing. After some swapping of guitarists and arguements, the band has landed with it's origional line up. We have finished highschool and are now working on our 5-song-demo which will be released in September '07.

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Website: www.myspace.com/abittersacrifice

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