Aaron Amadeus

Aaron Amadeus

Aaron Amadeus

Rock, Hard rock
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Aaron Amadeus - Vocals, Guitar
  • Sean Fitz-Gerald - Drums
  • Dan Willer - Guitar
  • Chris - Bass

About Band

By 1991, Aaron Amadeus had already written more than 70 songs, playing them on his Les Paul guitar with a ferocity of feeling that drove listeners to stand up and shout: "Who is this genius?" Amadeus was 11 years old at the time.

Amadeus's love affair with rock got off to an auspicious start. His father bought the wrong Poison record for his son's 9th birthday. Aaron wanted the song called 'Poison' by Bell Biv Devo, but dad mistakenly bought an album of the band Poison instead. Amadeus hated the record, but his father wouldn't exchange it. The young boy relented and started really listening to it. Then he fell in love with it, and rock became his reason for living.

Since then, Amadeus is answering back in ways that enrage, thrill and astound - all through his music. Angst-ridden and amazingly sexy, Amadeus offers a dynamically rich voice that both seduce the world and wake's it up in a whole new way. With lyrics that have been compared to Dylan and Springsteen, Amadeus puts an outstanding spin on pop rock, giving glam rock the old heeve ho. His songs paint stunning images of life's woes and wonders with verses that get to the heart of the matter. Defying traditional ho-hum harmonies, his voice boasts an awesome range in a myriad of textures that conjure up Elvis, Bon Jovi and Sting in one.

In 1995, Amadeus formed his first band, Visual Purple. By now, he had written over 200 songs that the band featured and performed in popular Montreal clubs and various concert venues. Still humble, Amadeus always let the other 3 band members sing as he played the guitar. He was 14 years old.

That same year, during one of the band's last concerts, Amadeus decided to showcase his vocals, Record Producer, Izzy Pardo happened to attend that night and he was bowled over. He encouraged the teenager to keep writing and performing. But hard times fell on the Amadeus family, and Amadeus was forced to sell his beloved Gibson guitar to help pay for some bills. Still, lack of finances didn't stop him from composing and arranging. He turned to his trusty acoustic Marten, and the songs kept coming. He began to replay some of the classical pieces he had learned through private lessons a few years back. He matured musically and his creativity deepened, allowing his humanity to chart a novel musical vision that would give rise to such amazing songs as 'Oh my God" - about a single soldier left on the battle field to deal with guilt. The confessional agnostic number, "Father," shows off Amadeus's incredible emotion that reaches into the heart of the listener. Only Amadeus could make the plight of a homeless disenfranchised old man so utterly inspiring and so sad. Just listen to "Something to Believe in."

But with influences such as Black Sabbath, Guns and Roses and Poison, Amadeus moves from mellow-to the raucous in nanoseconds. Combining defiance with vulnerability Amadeus marries vocal ying and yang in his standout song "Weakness" - sure to hit the charts soon. Never abandoning his music, he opened up for the acclaimed band Fozzy at Spectrum, a major concert hall that has seen the likes of Sugar Ray, Sound Garden, Smashing Pumpkins, b.b. King, Blue Rodeo, and Céline Dion. This 2003 solo performance wowed the crowd. Amadeus received rave reviews and a new era was born for rock that night and for the rising star.

This superbly talented artist keeps proving there is no plateau when music fills a soul born to rock. Innovation and unbridled creativity are his writing hallmarks. And as for his rich, musky voice, you can't get enough of it.

People often ask Amadeus that obvious question about his last name. It's the one thing he remains silent about. But if you give "On the Run" a listen, you'll know what

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