Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore
From: Brooklyn, NY, United States

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basically I am a Brooklyn dude...ive wasted 7yrs of my life behind bars and am just taking full advantage of my freedom,talent and all that lies in front of me for the taken.coming up I haven't lived the best life but things of that nature will be presented thru my music.i am basically on a mission...im not here to just be another body in rap.i wanna make my mark as one that made some sort of change...im here to represent n.y and protect what was obviously birth by the mecca.my music will show dominance,rawness,versatility,story n more.i have lots to offer the world and just having fun in da midst of making success come true..i am 4evabreeze

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Website: facebook.com/wabusmith
Website: instagram @4evabreeze

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