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When it comes to Hip Hop culture, Uptown, New York City has been home to many urban trends that have impacted the world with Harlem being its most prominent contributor. But if you were to ask Washington Heights/Inwood-based rappers 3m City,  There upper Manhattan neighborhood located slightly above world-renowned Harlem USA is about to be stamped into Hip Hop..sub consciousness with there brand of melodic, accessible flows and sincere lyricism. 3m City has caused quite a stir not only in there hometown but across the country. And with the debut mix tape ..Los Jontiadores,.. released by there own label PoloNorte Entertaintment and there imprint Moneyhunters Music, the entire Hip Hop community will find out what Washington Heights heads and there loyal and growing fan base have known for a while. There colaboration in Bats n Rome's  released single ..No es seria Ft. 3m City,.. has been heard for months on the hottest radio stations from coast to coast resulting in generating 1,000 spins per week and a radio-listening audience well above 59 million. The remix featuring his band reggaeton and Spanish Hip-Hop legends The Money Hunters is at the wheels of the original and is a well requested club banger. Born of Dominican parentage,3M city credits there musical career and there relentless hustle to make it as a recording artistes to there childhood years in the predominantly Dominican enclave of Washington Heights which is known for its hustling mentality. ..Coming up our whole life we always had the Harlem influence around us. But when it comes to hustling and making money, we had that Washington Heights influence. Many of my Dominican people, who've come into the country, have come with their first instinct to hustle... 3M's first foray into music occurred when he was thirteen years old, after his cousin Divine gave him a tape whit him raping on it. His cousins rhymes influenced him to write short rhymes. As a result, Writing,and Freestyling became his first loves prior to picking up a microphone. In 1996 3M City moved to the Dominican Republic to his family's home town of Moca. There he was introduced to reagetton from the Playero Cd's it was real big in the clubs and he just fell in love whit it, he started to rhyme and write in Spanish and create his own music. Between his cousin..s influential music, family support and a will to survive, 3M City placed the success of there future into one set of hands: god's hands. ..Ultimately, it was up to us as to whether we where going to become a victim of circumstance.  check out our new single ft bats n rome (still in love ) availabel in i-tunes


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