Hardcore, Psychedelic, Rap
From: laconia, NH, United States

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I don't know what to say realy...... I was raised as a "good" kid. But rebeled when I was only a year old. I know this because my mom told me half of what i don't remember. She mentioned some thing like "you where always a good kid but you have an inner demon. She came to that conclusion when I got out of my crib and would always stand in the same spot in the living room, just staring up. Some times I would scream my head off. Other times I'd be dead silent. Most of the time I would talk to what I was staring at. I don't remember what was with that spot on the ceiling. But I have a feeling it's going to make an impact on my life for good and bad. Hey maybe I'll get signed to a label who knows. But one thing is for sure I am a strange person. If you don't like it suck my dick bitch. I have a couple of songs up on myspace. Here's the link for the free-style i did: www.myspace.com/dapotpros . I'll have more songs but up on here as soon as I can figure out how to make a background beat. But if any one wants to start a band or group and help me out that would be cool. If you are thinking of signing me please do I have many ideas for rhymes I just need help with beats na mean???

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