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2 Artistik

2 Artistik

Hip-Hop, Club, R&B
From: Miami, FL, United States

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This group "2 Arti$tiK" consisting of two members; E-Man and Legasee were also Formerly known as a three part group "Dem Bottom Boyz" consisting of E-man, Legasee, and Jack D. The split in the group came up when Jack D decided to make his career a solo career and continue his quest for greatness alone, which we wish him the best of luck with and we'll always support him fa sho, my dog got mad talent so check him out! Therefore the remaining members Legasee and E-man decided to start fresh with a new identity and name creating the name "2 Arti$tiK" describing their personalitys, creativeness and swagger.

The old identity and group name "Dem Bottom Boyz" comes from the geographical location of their home city: Miami, being on the bottom of the map located in Florida. The name "Dem Bottom Boyz" was no intent of any homosexual acts or activity. Out with the old and in with the new "2 Arti$tiK". Each artist brings their own flavor through their charismatic personalities, difference in their creative lyrics, and the versatility in their style with trying to find new ways to make music and sounds.

The group "Dem Bottom Boyz" was formed in 2000 when these young men met each other. Jack D and E man we're already cousins and have known each other their whole lives. Legasee met them around 1998 as they all attended the same church, and they have been dominating the underground scene ever since. So under the old Alias the boys have known each other for years since they were younger. "2 Arti$tiK" are one unique group that shows dedication and motivation in everything they do. From Producing their own beats to performing at clubs they've stood out from other average artists.

Emanuel A. Cowart Jr. aka E-man was born in Miami FL on Feb 17, 1985. As a young boy E-Man was always attracted to hearing different sounds and melody which prepared him to love the sound of musical instruments. The name E-Man was created by his first name which is Emanuel short for E-Man. As he got older he became more and more obsessed to beat making. His interest started in school with a habit of beating on the desk creating beats which lead to being blessed with the talent of producing banging beats and singing. He also has the ability to play the trumpet and the drums very well. E-Man has a unique voice which he uses to add melody and singing vocals to their tracks. He's also the crunk hype man within the group letting his full range of energy transet and show during performances and everything that they do. With an abundance of talent E-man is ready to take the music industry by storm.

Reginald L Graham Jr. aka Legasee also L.O.S (Lyricist Of the South) was born in Miami FL on July 15,1986. Raised in Dade County (Carol City) area for all of his life Legasee started rapping during elementary school. Growing up as a child he was a big fan of the duo rap group "Criss Cross" who inspired him to start rapping at a young age. Up until high school Legasee's rap style was just like every other normal dirty south rapper. By the 10th grade he took an interest in battling which changed his rap style from the typical south rapper to a punchline/metaphor lyricist. Developing that style gave him his own personality in the group. He then became top-notch at battling and quickly made a name for himself in the Miami underground scene. Legasee also has the talent of playing the saxophone, drums, producing tracks, song writting rap, r n b, gospel, pop, rock, freestyling, and even singing. Legasee aka L.O.S is anxious to show the world and industry what he is capable of.

Together "2 Arti$tiK" have created numerous Hits being distributed among the streets and underground scene, and are looking to take it to the next level going mainstream. They have incorporated an entertainment label known as "Millionaire Status Entertainment" aka "MSE". Between the two of them they're both equal business partners in the label. Being their own CEO/Boss was always their dream and with MSE this dream has been allowed. Millionaire Status Ent. plans to take the industry and world by storm. Their 1st Artist signed to the label besides "2 Arti$tiK" will be a young artist by the name of "I Toon". He is also the younger brother of E-man. I Toons dedication and hunger are what made MSE want to sign him to the label. His lyrical ability and skills stand out which sets him apart from other artist. MSE are also searching for talented Artist to be apart of the label. We're accepting music from Artist pertaning to Hip Hop, Rap, R n B, Gospel, Pop, Rock, and Country. Be on the lookout for MSE and all of its Artist and future events!

"2 Arti$tiK" have come from a long way paying their dues these years and are ready to break! They've been apart of a few major things including performing live on MTV's Reality show "Gs To Gents" at the reunion under "Dem Bottom Boyz". They have a long list of resumes dealing with past performances and shows. Their smashing new Hit Single "Addicted To Yo Body" has captured the attention of everyone including radio stations, production companys, Record Labels, DJ's, and the world. With further hits like "SwaggaRiffic", "Stacks On Deck", "Rock Show", "Slow Wind", "When We Make Luv", "Gettin Tipsy", and "He So Lame" these young men have proven how versatile they can be, and have given listeners a peek at what is to come. What they will have in store for the listeners on the new album are a wide variety of songs that will appeal to a broad audience; it's hardcore hip hop, r n b music, crunk music, dance and party music, and even poetry, DBB is on the rise and coming to a cd player and radio station near you. Also shouts out to Mz LL! MILLIONAIRE STATUS ENTERTAINMENT!

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