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21 Taras 21 Taras are an American hard rock band from Littleton, Colorado; formed in late 2014 and founded by members Alec Lister (drums) and James Steinbach (lead guitar). A few lineup changes followed, and the band's current lineup consists of Julian Perron (vocals), Jimmy St. James (bass), Austin Salazar (guitar), and along with Lister and Steinbach. Since 21 Taras inception, the group has released their first single Invisible Queen (July, 2016) followed by their debut album Seize The Ocean (September, 2016). The music style of 21 Taras has been characterized under hard rock, alternative rock, metal and grunge. The band has opened up for bigger Denver bands such as Lola Black and Bandits. Currently they stand in the Denver music scene waiting to be seen and heard. From raging powerful vocals to flashy drum fills alongside with massive guitar tones and unique bass playing the band is unstoppable. About the single “Invisible Queen”: Lister and Steinbach created the catchy tune in their basement making demos. Originally going to be a two piece song only featuring drums and guitar, the band came together, adding vocals, bass and an extra guitar, making one massive sound. From the first seconds of the debut single by up-and-coming superstars 21 Taras, something is different. Yes, this is clearly rock music, but there's something new, weird, fresh, and exciting in the mix. Whether it's the slightly off-kilter chord progression or the vocals that become crazier and weirder throughout the tight, three-minutes-flat runtime of the song, 21 Taras are sending a message to the rock world: They will take no quarter. Formation of the Band: Back in 2013 before 21 Taras existed, Lister, Steinbach, Salazar and St. James created three instrumental tracks called “Black Iron”, “Mystic Signs”, and “Seize the Ocean”. Perron moving to Colorado from Anchorage, Alaska had found the other members on a website looking for musicians. The band was originally called “Keep Kalm” and was in desperate need of a vocalist. The band had received a message from Perron to audition for the part as singer. Perron and guitar player Rio Torralba were in a group called “Buster” and had recorded and produced their first album “Bad Seed” in Anchorage at Surreal Studios. In late October of 2014 the band had their first rehearsal with newly added vocalist just before their first show with Perron at The Gypsy House Cafe. The bill consisted of “The Velveteers”, and “Savage Cabbage”, along with “Keep Kalm” (21 Taras).

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