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Fusing Rap, R&B, Rock, and Jazz into one Melodic cohesive sound, South Florida duo TRaX (C DaSh/ Ottey) had diverse appeal based on their impressive musical aptness. While beginning with just a traditional sample-looped style of hip-hop, this duo eventually ventured into an experimental stage with a variety of different artists. While keeping the basic roots of their style, they discovered an enormous adulation for incorporating all the different blends they had studied. With socially conscious lyrics and an intense imagination to keep the creativity flowing, TRaX seems to be able to conceptually reach every topic conceivable. The duo’s roots reach back to 2000 when they released their first collaborative project. Over time, what began as a friendship based on the mutual love for music would ultimately develop into an alliance. Wanting to create a new orchestration of urban music, LEFT HOOK became their Alma Matta. Touring nationally, headlining and opening with various Rock, R&B, and Rap mainstreamers, TRaX acquired the ins and outs of not only stage presence, but the true definition of artistry. Displaying their no fear attitude towards new sound, their debut album “ROCKET SCIENCE” is full of just that. NEW SOUND! With techno based AIM RIGHT, rock based I DON’T NEED A DOCTOR, and even southern swagged ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, “LEFT HOOK” seems to be exactly what it sounds like. Lead off single “S.O.S” is nothing short of that either. This charisma-filled song and instantly catchy hook is a true display of what you can expect throughout the album. Anything less would be a complete deviation from their high-set standards on quality. With C DaSh also evolving into a high-profile producer, and OTTEY entering an established role as a multifaceted songwriter, combined there is more than just meets the eye for TRaX.

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