1 A.K.A__ IQ

1  A.K.A__ IQ

1 A.K.A__ IQ

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Roanoke, VA, United States

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Ok, Here its is. I am one of the last true hip hop / rappers left. I notice that many people say that they are hip hop. But its not true. The truth is that its more than a label or a title. Its a way to live and a way to perform. Its a way to carry yourself.

I have been everything from a hard core rap artist to a r&b singer. I have produced, managed, and even walked away from it all twice. But when you are true hip hop. Their is no leaving. Its in your blood. The more i hear these young guys speak about how they sell, pimp(yea right), and hustle. I think to myself, if music is an expresion of self. Than why give a negetive image of yourself?, When you cant paint a masterpiece. I mean music is supposed to be a way out. But the songs so many people do are what holds them in. Free Your Mind!

The music i will be placing on my page will be an example! True Hip Hop. A show of versitility. My style is my style. Its what moves me at the time. But for you young guys. listnen and learn. Music is more than just beats. Its a chance to send a message. And remember anybody can say they are the best, But few of us are good enough to prove it.  

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