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The Dirty South has been at the forefront of Hip-Hop music for the last decade. Miami, Atlanta and Houston have been thoroughly represented and have become commercially recognized powerhouses in Rap. Rap music is in need of a new sound and that sound is coming out of Orlando, Florida and his name is 1 Adoff. 1 Adoff was born and raised in the rough Orlando, Florida (Griffin Park Housing Project). He was surrounded by drugs, gang violence and poverty, But at 18, 1 Adoff pressed his first record entitled “Shit Sho Shady” which allowed him to collaborate with other local MC’s and later become a member of the . 1 Adoff was beginning to experience limited success but he quickly encountered serious legal trouble's in 1990 he went to prison then was released in 2006 where he was found by DJ Biigga Rankin (Core DJs/Slip-N-Slide Records/CTE) and got 1 Adoff the deal with Slip-N-Slide Records then legal troubles again found 1 Adoff. After years of meeting roadblocks and obstacles with record labels, 1 Adoff decided not to be denied and to take matters into his own hands. He began to record and press album after album creating a catalogue of street classics. Through Adoff's persistence, consistency and talent he built his own buzz along with a significant reputation within the music community across the Miami,Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa, Florida areas. The byproduct of 1 Adoff refusing to have his destiny denied was the engineering of a movement that has not only become the theme of his career but also the theme of his life…"The Dopeboyz Motivation" Today, 1 Adoff's buzz and grind precede him. His reputation for the creation of instant street classics such as “Living In The Ghetto”, “Double Life”, and “Imma Real Goon” has created strong street anticipation for his next album. This anticipation now spans far outside of the Florida area into the under belly of cities like Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Indianapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Shreveport, Yuma, AZ to just name a few. To further The Dopeboyz Motivation into a world market 1 Adoff teamed with like-minded Jacksonville based 2Real Management. 1 Adoff's persistence has not gone unnoticed by those in the national music community. He has been co-signed by most who become familiar with his music and his grind from artists, DJ’s, producers and program directors like Freeway, Jay Henchman, DJ Smallz, DJ Greg Street, TJ of TJ’s DJ’s, DJ Bigga Rankin, Tony Neal of The Core DJ’s, The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and The Runners to industry magazines like Ozone Magazine (Patiently Waiting), and XXL Magazine (Next 2 Blow), Source Magazine (Unsigned Hype),..Most importantly, though, 1 Adoff is endorsed by the streets that made him. 1 Adoff's music, grind and stride exemplify his Dopeboyz Motivation to the fullest and prove that in a climate of perpetrators, one hit wonders and actors that there are still those who represent the Southern streets.

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