0000000 - Apollyon

0000000 - Apollyon

0000000 - Apollyon

Metal, Hard rock, Experimental
From: Shreveport, LA, United States

Band Members

  • Joe Williams - Vocals
  • Jon Boykin - Guitars/Vocals
  • Tom Braswell - Guitars
  • Alex Tucker - Bass
  • Sebastian Bales - Drums

About Band

Apollyon formed in March of '06 and since then things have been consistently turbulant between our members concerning our seeming lack of progress,  but we've still managed to creat new material since our first demo which has been posted on this page for probably the past two and a half years or so. I don't know whether or not you've heard any of the older songs but they are a cause of great shame to me when I think about people listening to my 16- year-old self drone about apocalyptic nonsence . It's not to say I don't think they are great songs but when we play them now they have been so refined that they no longer resemble their former selves. Our newer recordings, however, I can say I'm proud of, because the songs are better and the way it was captured on the demo was essentially what I envisioned, even though the quality of the recording, to me, left a lot to be desired.

Here are three of our newer songs-Death is Uncertainty, Requiem of Silence,                                                   &Rise of the Angel Black (redone on new demo '07)



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Website: hardaxe.net/Apollyon

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